Forging Dies, Stamping Dies and Moulds

Cope Precision have been manufacturing dies for over 50 years. Originally producing dies for car badges and the jewellery industry we now manufacture dies and ancillary tools for the forging, hot brass stamping and moulding industries.

We can machine dies and moulds to customer specifications using modern CNC machinery including 3 axis and 5 axis milling machines as well as CNC lathes and CNC spark erosion.

We can design dies from scratch from a customer drawing using our up to date manufacturing software or make from a customer supplied model.

The dies we manufacture can be made from customer supplied material or from material supplied by us to customer specification. This material includes varying grades of hot work tool steel, cold work steels, P20, Toolox and cast iron depending upon the application.

Our expertise means that dies can be finished in the heat treated condition giving superior finishes that require little or no hand polishing afterwards. This also gives greater accuracy – eliminating any distortion that heat treatment may introduce.

Dies are inspected to high standards in our inspection department using our CNC Co-ordinate measuring machine and other measuring devices regularly calibrated in line with our ISO 9001 accreditation.