Inspection Gauges & Fixtures

Cope Precision can manufacture small simple inspection gauges to large complex multi axis gauges to customer specifications for all applications. Whether you require a simple gauge for tooling purposes or gauges for part production, including assemblies, we can help.

The size of gauges we manufacture can be up to 2 metres in length x 650mm wide x 500 high and are machined using the latest machine tool technology including simultaneous 5 axis machining enabling us to machine complex shapes and undercuts with high accuracy.

The materials we use include high density resin, aluminium, hardened steel or any customer specified material and can often include a combination of these materials.

Generally the fixtures have a 3 mm gap check or flush check on the component/assembly with primary and secondary datum screw-in location pegs where applicable. Trim lines and 3mm offset trim lines are engraved into the fixture to mark the outline of the component as well as any large apertures depending on the size and accuracy of the aperture. Top and bottom tolerance wands are provided for checking as well as GO and NOGO gauges for tighter tolerance holes and features. Toggle clamps are also used to hold the component/fixture down, where appropriate, and the gauges are painted to represent the method of check required.

Smaller gauges can be mounted on aluminium plates if required. Larger, heavier gauges can be mounted on an ‘off the shelf’ trolley or a bespoke framework with castors.

Cope Precision can design a fixture from scratch, all we require is a CAD model from which to start and a component drawing. Once we have the go-ahead we can provide a concept for customer approval.

All gauges come with an inspection report measured against the CAD model and a report on the positional accuracy of any holes etc. These can be tailored to suit any customers’ individual need.