Marking Punches and Embossing Tools

We have been making quality marking punches and embossing tools since 1946 when the Company started. We were then located in the jewellery quarter of Birmingham.

Our marking punches and embossing tools are produced for a wide range of industries including Toolmaking, Silversmiths, Automotive, Engineering Products, White Goods, Safety Equipment, Promotional Giftware, Jewellery, Catering and others.

We can make them to virtually any design and size, whether the design comes from customer CAD, from a sketch or drawing or from an idea in a customers’ mind.

We also manufacture roll marking stamps for the continuous marking of strip material.

We can manufacture them from customer supplied materials or from scratch in both heat treated and non-heat treated condition.

Generally they are made from various grades of tool steel but can also be manufactured in other customer specified materials depending on the application.

They can be used with a hammer, fly press or they can be incorporated into press tools or other tooling setups.

All marking punches and embossing tools are manufactured to strict quality standards as set out in our ISO 9001 quality policy.